Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Melodica keyboards

Two Melodica, piano 27, by Hohner.  Blow into the mouthpiece, while pressing keys to play.  The keys are differently sized on each piano.  Both include the original carrying case.  I made a modification to the mouthpiece on one of the pianos by attaching surgical tubing in order to blow into the instrument while its on my lap or on a table, for easier playing. (background from swapshop; foreground from thrift shop, $15)

Vintage Chessmen by Peter Ganine

A set of 'Classic' chessmen designed by sculptor Peter Ganine, 1961.  With the box, even.  Apparently this set is valued most for the reason that it appeared in some early Star Trek episodes as a prop for a type of space chess.  I like it for its modern look and vintage nature.  (swapshop)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Assorted vintage kitchenware

Assorted vintage melamine kitchenware, including Dansk and Rosti.  The yellow mixing bowl (pictured back left in overview picture) is designed by Gunnar Cyren for Dansk.  The Rosti pitcher (pictured back right) and utensils are designed by Erik Lehmann(swapshop)

Dalmation portrait

Dalmatian portrait done in what looks like pencil. Signed 'Samuels 1963'.  (swapshop)

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